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august 30 2005

It's been a while since I've posted news, and that's because there simply isn't much going on at the moment. We still haven't been able to find a singer for the band and haven't been all that happy with the way things were going lately, so we decided to go on hiatus. Don't expect anything from us soon, unless we're able to find a singer who can bring new life into the band...

Posted by: Christian

march 08 2005

I've uploaded some rehearsal room recordings. They can be found in the mp3 section (under media). The quality is quite crappy and there are no vocals, but at least it's something. We are still looking for a singer (which is why I upload the mp3's in the first place), so if you're interested or know somebody that is please send us an e-mail...

Posted by: Christian

januari 20 2005

Some things just don't last very long... After only 1 month in the band, Thijs decided to get out. Once again, 10 Minutes is left without a singer. Because we still want to release our demo this summer, Jeroen and I decided to take over the vocals until we've found a suitable replacement...

Posted by: Christian

januari 11 2005

A couple of months ago some friends of ours started a new band, called San Andreas. At the end of last year they've recorder their first EP which you can now order from their website. Make sure you check 'em out, cause they rock!

As for 10 Minutes, we're almost finished with the songs we've written. When we've tweaked them enough to be happy with the result, we will record them and release our first demo (for real thist time ;))...

Posted by: Christian


november 30 2004

Last sunday Thijs joined the band as the singer. We're glad he's here to fill the one spot that has been empty ever since the beginning. With vocals in place, we are working on some new songs and at the same time we are re-writing our old stuff. We've also got some new gear coming our way soon and therefor we've halted recordings for some time...

Posted by: Christian

november 16 2004

I've uploaded some photo's. You can find them in the media section. On sunday we've recorded the drums for two songs. Expect them to be up in the next couple of weeks...

Posted by: Christian

november 11 2004

We've finished recording the guitars and bass for three songs yesterday. Sunday we will be recording the drums and if all goes well, vocals will be added next week. I will upload the songs as soon as they're finished. Also, I've added some more links to some kick-ass bands. Check them out!

Posted by: Christian

november 01 2004

During yesterdays practice, we decided that we have enough material to finally start recording. Therefore, in the next two weeks, we will record our first demo. Vocals will be recorded by Jeroen or me. We're still looking for a good singer. If you're interested, please send us an e-mail...

Posted by: Christian

oktober 19 2004

Finally, after years and years of hard work, the website is now online!!! :P Feel free to wander around our humble little homepage and check out the band. Some sections still aren't fully operational, but we're working on it...

Posted by: Christian