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Name: Jeroen Hazeu

Nickname: Tifosi

DOB: 01-22-1983

Influences / inspiration: Depends very much on my mood, but almost any kind of rock music like metal, nu-metal, funk-metal, industrial, fusion, hardcore, punkrock & ska

Favorite bands: Fear Factory, Incubus, Flaw, Otep, Biohazard

Hobbies: Playing my bassguitar (duh!), listening cd's, watching movies & Formula 1 races and travelling the world whenever I've got money

Bio: I've always liked music. It started when I was a little kid and had music lessons with a lot of different instruments. After that I chose to take lessons in playing the clarinet. I've had those for about six years when my taste of music started to change more to rock & metal and I decided to stop those lessons. A few years later I was still into music very much and I wanted to play an instrument again, but now a real rock instrument. So when I had saved up enough money Christian and I went to the store and got our first instruments. Chris got a guitar and I got my first bass. For me it was always clear that I wanted to play bass and not guitar. Pretty soon after we got our instruments and started practicing we founded 10 Minutes. As our style was developing it became clear that my 4-string bass wouldn't be enough and a year of saving money later I could finally buy my 5-string bass. Buying that thing has been one of the best choices of my life! Now we have reached the present day and this bio is complete for now. But of course new choices will be made in the future and I hope there will soon be more to write here.