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Name: Reinier Tetteroo

Nickname: Mortalis Deus

DOB: 02-27-1985

Influences / inspiration: Matthew Bellamy, Nobuo Uematsu

Favorite bands: Muse, Sum 41, The Offspring, Face Tomorrow, Heideroosjes

Hobbies: Playing guitar, Formula 1, programming websites

Bio: Ever since I was a kid I wanted to play guitar. Why I never got the chance: Parents... Many years later, after I discovered a few of my friends (Jeroen & Christian) played guitar, I finally got the opportunity to have some people around who could help me with guitarchoice and learning how to play. So finally the guitarist in me was born. My guitarchoice was a little bit difficult, since I'm lefthanded. After many thoughts/suggestions I decided to play righthanded. Luckily, I didn't have any problems playing this way. Not very much later, I rolled into 10 Minutes and I've been playing in here ever since.